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1Read a Book
2Read a Newspaper
3Read a Magazine
4Watch a Movie
5Watch a Podcast
6Walk Outside
7walk outside
8Go To The Gym
9Go To The Gym
11Cook something New
12Run Errands
13Do Paperwork
14Do Paperwork
15Go Through Makeup
17Clean a Room
18walk outside
19go to the gym
21do paperwork
22run errands
23practice golf
24play computer games
25watch something intelligent on TV


Start Feb 23 1:50 PM

16 LiveJournal
14 Do Paperwork
3 Read a Magazine
2 Read a Newspapaer
12 Run Errands
9 Go To The Gym
4 Watch a Movie
11 Cook Something New
13 Do Paperwork
5 Watch a Podcast
6 Walk Outside
17 Clean a Room
15 Go Through Makeup
10 Yoga/Meditation
8 Go To The GYm
7 walk Outside
1 Read a book
7 walk outside
22 run errands
19 go to the gym
5 watch a podcast
14 do paperwork
9 go to the gym
1 read a book
11 cook something new
17 clean a room
12 run errands
4 watch a movie
24 play computer games
6 walk outside
8 go to the gym
13 do paperwork
25 watch something intelligent on TV
16 LiveJournal
18 walk outside
3 read a magazine
20 yoga/meditation
23 practice golf
2 read a newspaper
21 do paperwork
10 yoga/meditation
15 go through makeup