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Daily accountability 1-3-09

In 1week1goal on Thursday, my goal was to go to the gym once by the end of the week.  I basically had today to do it because of work yesterday, even though, technically i could have gone yesterday and its just another excuse.  ANYWAY -- I did not go to the gym today and I have absolutely NO excuse.  So, failure.

What happeed today that I could not get myself to the gym?  I had the day off.  It was a beautiful (but cold) day.  I was all revved up to continue my cleaning, organizing chores that I have been doing so well at the past week, but somehow, I could not even get myself past the bedroom all day.  No, I lie -- I left the bedroom to eat and use the bathroom.  Thats about it.  I started watching TV for a bit after dinner in the family room, but that did not last.

I was going to go out and do grocery shopping and go to the gym -- those were my at least two things I needed to do outside the house today.  Whenever I entertained a thought like that, I became so overwhelmingly tired, I just had to lay in bed.  I mostly sat at this computer with the intent of getting things done and I ended up doing NOTHING but watching YouTube, playing video games, and useless stuff like that.  I've been struggling all day just to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.

It so discouraging to be so rip-roaring to go and then have it come to a crashing halt.

Well, I altered my calorie intake today because of no gym and complete lack of any activity whatsoever, reducing it by 500 calores, and I did OK.  I need more vegtables in it.  And its probably saltier than the numbers say because I couldn't find an exact match for the leftover chinese food.

Well, the pictures don't come out big enough.  Hrm.  Anyway -- not the best looking nutritionally, but it adds up OK .  Needs more veggies.


We all have 'meh' days, chalk it up and keep going :)
Just 'cause you didn't go yet doesn't mean that you've totally bombed...go to the gym tomorrow! And if you can't, go for a walk or something instead. You'll get into exercise habits soon and it will be easier!