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This is my intro post for Total Health

Name: Patti
Age: 41
Birthday: Jan 14, 1968
Any other special dates (birth, anniversary, deployment homecomings - anything and everything that is important to you): not right now How did you find us?: searching through my interests on LJ
Why do you want to get and stay healthy?: That's an interesting question. Wouldn't everyone like to be and stay healthy if they could? I guess the question really means -- why do I think I'm not and what drove me to care? Well, I'm overweight. At this point, I'm pretty much obese. I'm 5'4" and 295 pounds. It takes years to get to this point. Its never anyone's intetion to get to a point like this and it doesn't happen suddenly. Everyone -- or most everyone, I guess -- has a breaking point where they go "that's it!" Or sometimes you say that several times throughout your life, but one time will actually be The Time. I hope this is The Time for me. I've already lost my 20's and my 30's, emotionally hiding behind my fat. I have anger issues that stem from and cause my fat. I have responsibility issues. I have depression that comes and goes throughout my life. I have pretty much trapped myself in a bubble prison self-hate and misery. Everyone can see me in there and noone can do anything about it. I have the only key. I have to use it. What keeps me from using it? Its affecting my present and my future. I'm not looking for a quickie diet. I want a new life. I want a healthy life, a happy life, a successful life. I want to be that person that wakes up in the morning and goes straight outside for their walk/jog/run. Iwant to have the energy to make my own foods daily (not take-out), healthy foods. I want to have the energy and the mindset to care. I know its a long road to eventually lose that weight. I want to change my lifestyle and in turn the weight will go. My struggle is to deal with my mind and why I let myself fail. I'm tired of letting myself fail.
Anything else you want to say? I think I've rambled enough. The short bit of it is: I am lazy -- LAZY!!! -- depressed, and angry and FAT. I want to be happy and active and have a life of sunshine (and no longer be fat)
Put your pictures here  This is what I look like now (with no face)