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Footlogix #3 Very Dry Skin Formula Mousse with 10% urea

They use this product at the salon I go to for pedicures as one of the moisturizers.  I bought it because I have very dry feet but I hate moisturizers that don't absorb and this absorbed right away.  Apparently, its really developed for diabetics, but the salon uses it on everyone because they feel its a superior product.  They've even used it for manicures.  My manicurist said it could be used anywhere on the body, so that also sold me as I have very dry elbows.

It does absorb very quickly -- its almost like there was nothing there at all!  I'm going to have to use it more consistantly to see if it has any affect.  So far, I'm not really impressed.



Hello. This is Alex from Footlogix. I found your blog post and wanted to say that if you have any questions about how to use the product to achieve maximum results, please don't hesitate to send me a message at www.facebook.com/footlogix.

If you did not see results within the first week of use, it could be for a few reasons. For best results, shake the can well and then massage the product into your feet. Use the size of a walnut 1-2 times a day on clean feet. If this does not show results, it could mean that you need a different product in the Footlogix line. Footlogix should always work if you use the correct product and use the correct amount. I am sorry you did not LOVE the line right away and hope you had better results after this last blog post, but if not, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you!

- Alexandria, KvG Group, Footlogix